Roger K. Howe, MD, MMM

Roger K Howe, MD, MMM

I grew up with the idea that truth was never absolute, and no truth was sacred. Knowledge would be strengthened, not weakened, by being challenged. This requires a mind open to receive new ideas, the curiosity to explore new and unfamiliar ideas, and a willingness to be wrong.

There are sections on my books – with summaries and pathways to buy them. Much of my writing is in the form of essays, editorials, short stories and talks from the pulpit to a Unitarian-Universalist congregation. In any case, what is here is what I have distilled from my life and experience.

Feel free to explore, read and respond. I hope you may be stimulated or perhaps even learn from me, and I will in turn learn from your responses and your comments. I am convinced that wisdom resides in the integration of the knowledge and insights of all persons; sharing is a necessary step toward integration. I offer this web site as a platform for our sharing.

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A New Website

I have a new website at Come and visit! Roger

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