Healing HealthcareHow to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System
By Roger K. Howe, MD, MMM

One of the most pressing questions facing us today is how to fix America’s broken healthcare system. While our Politicians, Insurance Companies, Physicians, Hospitals, and Pharmaceutical Companies play the blame game and do nothing, Roger Howe, one of the leading authorities on healthcare, provides solutions. Dr. Howe is a veteran of the health care wars. He brings a unique perspective to curing our country’s health care problems having worked as a physician provider; HMO medical director, and medical group executive. He also has worked in virtually every position in the medical staff of his hospital and with large statewide physician organizations.

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What readers are saying…

Many Americans feel confused and bewildered both by the problems of health care and by the multitude of panaceas proposed to cure these problems. For these complaints, Dr. Howe offers welcome relief, providing exceptionally clearly written explanations of the many ways that the U. S. health care system can and might be repaired. His book gives no simple solutions and makes no claims that only one method can work, but instead offers useful guidelines for evaluating any proposed reforms, and a sense that a better system of health care is indeed possible to achieve.” – Richard W. Wilsnack, Ph.D. [Professor, Department of Clinical Neuroscience University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences]

Roger Howe has a wonderful way with words. He makes the complexity of healthcare issues very readable, and many of the “unintended consequences” of changing healthcare policy piecemeal quite clear. A resounding call for a referendum on comprehensive health care reform, the book is compelling without being awash with partisan rhetoric. Based on the author’s own vision of the essential elements for reform, this book represents an excellent starting point for a healthy dialogue on the subject.” – Michael J Torma, MD, FACS, FACPE [former Board of Directors, American College of Physician Executives]

As I read I wanted to engage in debate agreeing or objecting to points. No doubt this book makes you think and should be a primer for the current national debate on health care reform.” – Eugene S. Ogrod, MD, JD [Past President, California Medical Association]

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