Where Have We Failed?A Systemic Analysis of U.S. Health Care
By Roger K. Howe, MD, MMM

The Health Care system is a complex, living system, conforming to our knowledge of living systems (system theory). To understand how to fix the system, it is necessary not only to understand the history and failings of the system, but also the nature and interaction of the components. These are all discussed in detail in regard to the major players in healthcare. Some conclusions and recommendations about a future course of action are made.

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What readers are saying…

Where Have We Failed? by Dr. Howe is a candid and authoritative look at the United States Healthcare system. Dr. Howe’s book diabolically analyzes every component or “player” of a system that is fragmentized and in need of an extensive overhaul. This book is written as an easy guide for the novice or the knowledgeable. It is invaluably referenced which makes it an ideal study aid for anyone in the healthcare arena, or a curious consumer.” – Iris Johnson-Hill [MHSA Student LSU-S]

Dr Howe’s book is a penetrating commentary on the ills of American healthcare. While every inch the physician, Dr. Howe has an excellent ability to get into the mind set, and describe what drives, each of the major stakeholders in the US healthcare approach. The book is highly recommended for business and academic professionals within healthcare, and for any careful student of healthcare reform issues. His annotated references are themselves worth the price of the book.” – Michael J. Torma, MD, CPE [healthcare consultant, MHSA instructor at LSU-S]

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