Fiction Writing

Since I have been writing all my life, putting words on paper seems not to be too difficult (as the burgeoning supply on this website will sooner or later attest), and I had already written two published non-fiction books. I even had a nom-de-plume that I selected when I was a pre-teen. “Julius” was my grandfather’s middle name and he lived in Rio Del Mar – hence the name Julius Del Mar. This name was well enough known in my family that when I announced I was writing fiction, they demanded to know if I was using Julius Del Mar as my name. I thought that the use of a nom-de-plume for my fiction would perhaps clarify for readers when I thought I was telling stories and when I thought I was relating factual material or opinions based thereon.

What I needed was ideas. Nancy (my wife) worked with me on the setting and character set for The Fiji Queen and The Misplaced Pillow. All For the Sake of the Music came to me as I was writing The Fiji Queen – something about having a muse sitting on my shoulder dictating what I should write next. Eva’s Day is a departure in many ways; I became entranced with the idea when I started using hyperlinks in some of my documents and it seemed an interesting way to illustrate one interpretation of one of the conundrums presented by Quantum Mechanics. I continue to write, and expect that more books will be added as time goes by – perhaps even another huge work like Eva’s Day.

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