Essays by Roger K. Howe

Over time, I have written a series of essays on matters philosophical. The writing might at one time have been intended for some particular readership, but it has become something that I have done more for the effort of codifying and clarifying my own thinking than for any other reason. That acknowledged, it is also worth noting that there is little if anything here of importance as a contribution to philosophical thought – much of this has been expressed better by others in other places – and I draw on many sources in my thinking. I am placing them here as an offering into my thought processes. It is one thing to be able to talk about philosophy, to talk about what others think the meaning of life is; it is quite another to spend hours working it through in a way that makes sense to oneself.

These essays are intended to be sequential, so they are numbered, but their “most recent edit” dates are not in the same sequence. I do go back, occasionally, to rework old ideas and old compilations of ideas. The sequence is intended to start with basic questions like, “How do I know I exist?” “How do I know the world I think is around me exists?” “Is what I perceive real, or just a construct in my brain?” It moves from there onward into things like morality, ethics, love, friendship and an exploration of how modern complex systems theory seems to impinge on how we perceive reality, or what the reality is under our perceiving.

I have thought about two constructs of modern physics, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Two stranger ways of looking at the universe have never been devised, and yet, I believe, based on what I consider to be good evidence, that both are correct. I don’t know whether or how I will approach the issue of understanding either, though I have touched on an understanding of Quantum Mechanics in the construction and the commentary of Eva’s Day.

Enjoy the reading. I would enjoy your comments.

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